17 Sep 2020

Southern Youth and Family Services have announced the formation of a new Scholarship aimed at assisting disadvantaged and vulnerable youth in training to gain qualifications through the TAFE System. The Annual Scholarship will be known as the Jenny Hill Scholarship and will perfectly complement SYFS existing Jennie George Scholarship which targets young people studying at University.

The new Scholarship was to be initially formed from their estate but they decided to commence it now and build on it. It will be effective from this year with an initial $5,000 donation with further donations annually is generously provided by Jenny Hill and Damien Considine – both longstanding community advocates for accessible, secure and quality education and training pathways for all members of the Community. Damien previously worked at The Law Faculty in Wollongong and has a history of doing pro-bono work for community organisations and supporting those who were ‘doing it tough’, while Jenny spent most of her working career as a social worker in the hospital system in and around victims of sexual assault and later became Head Teacher of Community Services at TAFE and also the Assistant Faculty Director for the Human Services,  Tourism and Hospitality Faculty.

Both served on numerous Committees and Boards and generously gave their time to support those less fortunate, and the establishment of this Scholarship will provide nominated SYFS clients with much needed support to pay for educational essentials such as course fees, textbooks, laptops, tutoring, technological aids, transport and clothing.

With changes to TAFE over the last few years, the cost of certain courses have simply become unattainable for many of the young people working with SYFS meaning the timing of the Jenny Hill Scholarship is opportune and will enhance the lives of many disadvantaged young people for years to come.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to both Jenny and Damien and look forward to applying this Scholarship to make a very real difference to our young clients seeking to further their education and improve their quality of life.